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A message is circulating on Instagram in which, on behalf of Dynamic Web Marketing, work is offered to promote companies and brands.

Dynamic Web Marketing is not involved in this and we also do not offer work via Instagram. We advise you not to respond to these messages, to report the account to Instagram, and to report fraud to the police if necessary.

React developer

Work hard, play hard

If you think working from 9 to 5, in a suit and tie, calling your colleagues by their last name and being 100% focused on the task ahead is the way a job should be, then please close this browser tab now. If instead you want to be able to kick off your shoes when you come to work, play video games with your colleagues or attempt to beat the director in escaping from the Koepelgevangenis in Breda, then it might be interesting to come in and have a chat with us.

What it doesn’t mean is that work is just a game to us. What it does mean is that work should be fun and, apart from having an informal environment, we achieve this by:

  • Playing video games together almost every day
  • Weekly exercise in the form of Crossfit with a personal coach
  • Hosting game nights, varying from retro consoles and virtual reality games to Dungeons & Dragons and Nerf battles
  • Having lunch together with a special treat on Fridays (fish, pizza, etc...)

Don’t get us wrong, the fact that we play hard doesn’t mean that we don’t build cool stuff. We have our focus set on being the best in the field of online gaming, so working with us as a React developer means:

  • Helping us convert an existing website into a React website.
  • Looking for the perfect combination between server side and client side rendering.
  • Focussing on scalable, reusable and optimized solutions.
  • Working in close cooperation with Java developers building a microservice based backend.

This is achieved by focusing on what you are best at and your knowledge about certain techniques and platforms. We combine that with the skills of the team and the existing systems and logic. That is why we operate as one team including everyone in making key decisions and suggesting ideas for improvements.

Psyched? Send an email to with your CV.
Not there yet? Maybe the details below might convince you.

Salary info

Salary negotiable and dependent on your skill level

Additional perks:

  • An excellent pension scheme;
  • 25 days’ holiday + 3 ATV days;
  • A challenging job with lots of career opportunities;
  • Possibility to follow courses and training;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Company provided lunch;
  • In-house gym and weekly crossfit training with a personal coach.


  • You are an experienced React developer;
  • You are familiar with coding with Typescript;
  • You care about code quality;
  • You have a passion for technology and clever solutions;
  • You are driven to learn and apply the latest techniques;
  • You like to work within a team of professionals;
  • You are communicative in English (Dutch is preferred, but not mandatory);

Acquisitions are not appreciated.