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Op social media gaat een bericht rond waarin, uit naam van Dynamic Web Marketing, werk wordt aangeboden voor het promoten van bedrijven en merken.

Dynamic Web Marketing is hierbij niet betrokken en wij bieden ook geen werk aan via social media. Wij adviseren u niet te reageren op deze berichten, het account te rapporteren bij het social media platform en aangifte te doen van oplichting bij de politie indien nodig.

Content writing

When writing copy for the web, we ensure it offers a good balance between optimization for both visitors and search engines.

Optimization for the online reader

People read online texts differently to copy in newspapers, magazines, etc. More so than any other type of media, the online reader scans through web copy, and in the vast majority of cases only reads those passages which are relevant to his or her interests.

We as copywriters understand better than anyone how to tailor a text’s structure and our own style of writing to suit the reader.

Our texts:

  • Offer the scanning reader the desired information as quickly as possible.
  • Contain high-quality information that is up to date.
  • Invite the reader to read further.
  • Set the stage for readers to take action.
  • Speak the reader’s language.

Optimization for search engines

We’re always up to speed on the latest developments in the field of search engines. This means that we always ensure our texts are written in such a way that search engines will rapidly pick them up and assign them a good position in search results.

Foreign languages

We work closely with translators and copywriters who specialize in foreign languages. Because we only work with native speakers, we can provide international websites with quality texts in any desired language.

Our Spanish texts, for instance, are supplied by www.two2tango-translations.com, our Italian texts through Federica Masante and our Lithuanian texts through www.tikslusvertimas.lt. Our Swedish translations are done by Andreas Majetic.