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Op social media gaat een bericht rond waarin, uit naam van Dynamic Web Marketing, werk wordt aangeboden voor het promoten van bedrijven en merken.

Dynamic Web Marketing is hierbij niet betrokken en wij bieden ook geen werk aan via social media. Wij adviseren u niet te reageren op deze berichten, het account te rapporteren bij het social media platform en aangifte te doen van oplichting bij de politie indien nodig.

Market research and analysis

Our market research consists of determining the (search engine) potential of the market and analyzing the competition and any influential environmental factors.

(Search engine) potential

Determining the search engine potential is the first and most important step in our analysis. We investigate such matters as:

  • The number of people that use search engines to search for a certain product.
  • Which keywords people use and how many of such search terms are used.
  • Visitor conversions: which percentage of visitors continue to action or purchase?
  • The customer value of each paying customer.
  • Future changes to the above data.


In conjunction with the search engine potential, we also research the competition. Here we research such elements as:

  • The degree of competition in search engine results, broken down by keyword.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the competition.
  • The feasibility of overhauling the competition.
  • Competition from other media channels.

Environmental factors

We also research environmental factors that can influence the (potential) position of our customers within a certain (search engine) market. For example, these can include:

  • The economic situation.
  • Legislation.
  • Changes in the way search engines function.