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Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are many firms that focus on search engine optimization (also known simply as SEO), but there are but a few that really have a grasp of it. We know precisely what works and what doesn’t, and furthermore what the search engines prohibit.

Optimization of websites

In order to get a good position in search engine results, it’s vital that your website is properly optimized. This means, among other things, that:

  • Search terms are correctly positioned in the texts on your website.
  • Your website is accessible for search engines.
  • The format and structure of your website is logical.
  • The source code of your website is built in a logical way.
  • Your website complies to the quality guidelines of the search engines.

We have extensive knowledge of all these aspects and can optimize any website for search engines.

Link building

Another important aspect of search machine optimization is link building. This revolves around ensuring that other websites link to your website. We have considerable experience with this, and can handle this task accordingly

There are many firms that offer this service, but many of these don’t adhere to the guidelines of search engines. In the long term, logically this will only have adverse consequences. We will gladly inform you about what can and can’t be done, and how we approach this task.