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A message is circulating on Instagram in which, on behalf of Dynamic Web Marketing, work is offered to promote companies and brands.

Dynamic Web Marketing is not involved in this and we also do not offer work via Instagram. We advise you not to respond to these messages, to report the account to Instagram, and to report fraud to the police if necessary.

Web development

We develop all our websites in-house and work closely with each other to achieve optimal results together.

The development process

We tailor the process according to the complexity and urgency of the project. When faced with a less complex project where speed of delivery is essential, we free up capacity immediately to ensure the client’s wishes are realized and published online rapidly.

With broader, more complex projects we involve our whole team. The project is viewed from all relevant perspectives:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Content

We believe that only through combining expertise in each of these areas the optimal result can be attained. Only once all of this has been properly optimized will we start to build the website. We also continue to monitor this blend constantly during the development process.

WordPress and PHP

We believe in open source, and therefore work a lot with PHP and the WordPress content management system (CMS). Our developers are WordPress experts and can extract the maximum from this CMS. To a letter extent we also use Joomla! (another widely used CMS), but our developers have a great working knowledge of this system, too.

WordPress is an enormously powerful CMS which offers lots of functionality. Furthermore, there is a large community of enthusiasts constantly developing and releasing new expansion packs for this software suite. By combining and supplementing all of this with our own customized solutions, we always succeed in realizing all that is asked of us, and more!

Web hosting

Good web hosting is essential for a successful website. Therefore we work with hosting partners we know through our own experience will deliver quality hosting. In conjunction with our partners we will ensure you receive the optimal hosting solution in terms of search engine optimization, performance, technology and security.